To add to the insanity of this unique hold, The Hardcore Legend often applied the Mandible Claw while wearing a filthy tube sock named Mr. Socko over his hand. and sometimes by Ric Flair. The wrestler pulls down with both arms while pushing up with the knees to bend the opponent's back. The opponent is sitting while the wrestler is behind the opponentholding the opponent's wrist. Internet Wrestling Database. The wrestler then slips under his opponent from the right side, grabbing the opponent's opposite leg. 10:43. Only this list focuses on the films and projects actually released (no upcoming movies here) where females, whether by appearances or plot-driven, make up the whole ensemble in a tournament (Raze; by appearance) or are the majority (DOA: Dead or Alive; plot-driven). Notable users include Jazz, who dubbed it the Bitch Clamp, and Beth Phoenix who follows it with the Glam Slam. It was named after Japanese women's wrestler Plum Mariko. This counter to the figure four is often called a modified indian deathlock or sometimes referred to as a sharpshooter variant. Also known as a surfboard stretch. He is situated perpendicular to and behind the opponent. These dudes are hot! Professional wrestling holds include a number of moves used by the e-wrestling competitors to immobolize, wear-down or force their opponent to submit. What makes the Sleeper Hold such a devastating maneuver? Popularized by the Funk brothers, Dory Funk Jr. and Terry Funk, who were taught the hold by their father, Dory Funk Sr.. There are also standing and spinning versions. An inverted variation exists used by Shawn Michaels, where the wrestler steps through his opponent's legs with his left foot before bending the opponent's right leg underneath the left, behind the knee. Also known as the Cruceta Invertido in Mexico where it is more common than the regular figure four. He originally wore a tongue-depressor-like rubber protective covering over the two middle fingers. Download real MP3 and FLAC music to your computer or smartphone for free. The performer of the hold then falls back while grabbing the opponent's legs/feet, hanging upside down from the ring apron. The wrestler stands behind their opponent and wraps one arm under the opponent's armpit (on the same side) and places the hand behind the opponent's head. The wrestler then spins out, turning his opponent on their stomach and locking the spinning inverted figure four. The wrestler then grabs the arm with his free hand to lock in the hold and compress the opponent's face. The armpit claw was a squeezing of the muscle in the front of the armpit with the four fingers dug into the armpit and the thumb pressing into the front of the shoulder. A grapevined variation sees the wrestler applying the ankle lock hold and then falling to the mat and scissoring the leg of the opponent. The wrestler puts his opponent in a half nelson with one arm and grabs the opponent's neck with the other. He dubbed this variation as the Callous Clutch. Same as the stump puller, but the wrestler first bends the opponent's leg over the other knee before pulling up on the straight leg while pushing down the bent leg. Nine holds not counted in the previous results spell it as "Armbar." The move is executed as follows: The attacker approaches a prone opponent, lying back-first on the mat. Select from premium Women Wrestling Holds of the highest quality. Take downs are an important aspect of wrestling and one of the most common freestyle moves is the leg sweep. The justification for its illegality is that regardless of how its performed, it is still a choke. The attacker can now roll towards his back, creating more pressure on the neck while hyperextending the opponent's arm across his own chest. When the wrestler applies this modified cloverleaf he also hooks the sticking out ankle with his leg [which ever one it is] into his kneepit. The wrestler lays on top of the opponent's torso, in a 90° angle. Scott Steiner began using a standing variation of the camel clutch—applying more pressure to the neck, instead of the torso as with the normal camel clutch—as a finisher during his time with the nWo it was dubbed the Steiner Recliner. The attacker bends his opponent's arm and reaches through with one of his own. Vicious and bloodthirsty in the ring, the innovative luchador drew the animosity of audiences thanks to the punishment he caused fan favorites with his brutal array of submission holds. In all cases, the same basic principle applies. The wrestler stands over a face-down opponent lying on the ground. slammed to the mat. Some holds are meant neither to pin an opponent, nor weaken them nor force them to submit, but are intended to set up the opponent for another attack. This stops the opponent from rolling out of the move and makes it harder for him/her to crawl to the ropes but lessens the pressure that can be applied. This move also uses the ring-post, which is illegal in wrestling, and a 5 count is used which leads to a disqualification. Since the hold is technically illegal, the Tarantula can't be used to win a match, but it is both visually thrilling and physically destructive. The opponent will thus be on their back, with one of the attacker's legs under the victim's upper back and hooking their free arm. Using his awesome strength, the University of Oklahoma graduate twists his opponent's ankle until he hears the gruesome sound of tendons snapping. The wrestler then drops down, scissoring the outstretched (left) leg with his free leg before grabbing the right foot with both hands so as to apply pressure. Targeting an opponent's back, knees and neck all at once, the former WWE Champion is literally able to stretch a man to his breaking point. Killer Kowalski also used this move during his wrestling career. This move is commonly transitioned from the Reverse STO. The wrestler proceeds to lean back pulling on the leg under the armpit. Cheerleader Melissa adds an attack to the hold by stretching the opponent's legs so far that she is able to kick the opponent's head with their own feet. The wrestler places one of his/her legs under the throat of the opponent and pushes up. From behind the opponent the wrestler locks his hands together and pulls back on the face of the opponent, pulling the neck of the opponent backwards. A dragon sleeper with body scissors is sometimes referred to as a Beast Choker as named by Dan "The Beast" Severn. This is also called a reverse chancery. Insane pressure is then applied by yanking the victim's neck at an impossible angle and, depending on who is performing the maneuver, driving a knee into the spine for extra leverage. The wrestler lies face up and slightly to the side of the opponent. In the aftermath of the Benoit family homicide, other WWE wrestlers have begun using the crossface as a regular move, such as Shawn Michaels and Triple H. The wrestler bends one of his fingers into a hook, and uses it to stretch the opponent's mouth or nose. When an opponent is lying face down on the mat the wrestler locks a double chickenwing on their arms and then performs a forward roll into a bridging position further stressing the hold. SharpShooter, Scorpion Death Lock. The claw was a squeezing of the skull, by curling one's finger tips in using primarily the last two knuckles of the finger, thereby applying five different points of pressure. The opponent is face down on the mat, the attacker crosses the opponent's ankle into the crook of the other knee. If that doesn't kill a man's spirit, the endless stream of insults Jericho shouts out while applying the hold certainly will. (There was an instance at WWE Tribute to the Troops 2006 where a soldier unofficially broke the Master Lock with interference from John Bradshaw Layfield.). It is considered legal in wrestling, although it is a chokehold. Likewise, chokes are usually not applied to the point where they cut off the oxygen supply to the opponent's brain. He then reaches down and grabs both of the opponent's arms before sitting down, "rocking" back and forth and stretching the back. Female Wrestling Japan vs Germany submission hold mat pro wrestling women. Axe handle, Double (to chest) Torture Rack. This hold is often transitioned into a submission, powerbomb, backbreaker, or suplex. The wrestler then "scissors" (clasps) the near arm of the opponent with their legs and takes hold of the far arm of the opponent with both hands, forcing the opponent onto their side and placing stress on both shoulder joints, as well as making it harder for the opponent to breathe. This version was adapted from Christopher Daniels. Now imagine what it would feel like to have a Superstar as powerful as Jack Swagger wrenching on that tender part of your body with the intention of detaching it by force. An illegal variation of the clawhold known as alternatively the Testicular claw, or the Crotch Claw, exists. Sharpshooter. This move is also known as Eastern Stretch. Shuji Kondo uses his own variation where both his opponent's legs are crossed over the neck called Cat's Cradle. So where did this unique maneuver come from? Join to view this video: Join to view this video : Brick Nero sent me some of his homemade wrestling matches on video. Then they will bend the opponent's ankle. One or both of the opponent's arms can also be hooked for extra pressure. The wrestler then steps over his opponent, turning the opponent over as in a sharpshooter and proceeds to squat and lean back. A wrestler stands in front of an opponent and locks his hands around the opponent, sometimes with one or both arms of opponent pinned to his sides as a result, squeezing him. Unable to shake off the bleached blonde blowhard, the big man toppled, falling to a competitor nearly half his size. Also known as the Japanese stranglehold (Goku-Raku Gatame), Criss-cross Stranglehold, or a Cross armed choke. An easier way of doing this is from a victory roll, where instead of sitting down for the pin the attack will roll through to his feet, hoping past his opponent's waist (still holding onto their feet) and turning them over. The attacker can now fall back to apply pressure on the move, often standing right back up to repeat the attack. This incendiary mix of submission expertise and clinical insanity made Backlund's signature hold, the Crossface Chicken Wing, particularly dangerous. Another form of wrist lock sometimes known as a figure four wristlock involves the wrestler (after applying the initial wrist lock with the left hand) threading their right arm through the gap the two arms provide, forming a '4', and providing leverage on the wristlock. 60 @ 353 holds. A backbreaker refers to wrestling moves which see a wrestler dropping an opponent so that the opponent's back impacts or is bent backwards against a part of the wrestler's body. While I may have never actually competed in a pro wrestling match, I have had plenty of "amateur" matches in my parents' basement for numerous years. The wrestler may also grasp his hands together in either variation. The attacker leans back and pulls the victim up off the mat while keeping their legs locked in the figure four and holding their arms. Short for stepover toehold facelock, the STF was invented by grappling god Lou Thesz, but the former NWA World Heavyweight Champion never performed the maneuver with John Cena's type of intensity. The wrestler then kneels down on the opponents back, locking the opponent's arm behind his knee in the process. Wrestling, sport practiced in various styles by two competitors, involving forcing an opponent to touch the ground with some part of the body other than his feet; forcing him into a certain position, usually supine (on his back); or holding him in that position for a minimum length of time. The attacking wrestler then pulls the second rope upwards, compressing the opponent's throat between the rope and attacking wrestler's leg, choking them. Made popular by Bret Hart and is arguably the most famous wrestling move in Canada. The Undertaker and Kane usually do so before a choke slam or piledriver. Chokes, although not in general stress positions like the other stretches, are usually grouped with stretches as they serve the same tactical purposes. The wrestler then pulls the arm upward against the back of his opponent. It was this very mindset that created his signature hold, the Walls of Jericho. This submission hold has been most recently used by The Undertaker, calling it Hell's Gate, which often left his opponents bleeding from their mouths from supposed "internal injuries". The wrestler runs towards the opponent and jumps through the second and top rope while holding on to the ropes, then swings around and grapevines the opponent's arms, applying a crucifix armbar. This move was made popular as the finishing move of "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers, Jack Brisco, Carlos Colon, Greg Valentine and Ric Flair, who sometimes adds to it by twisting his opponents ankle as it is locked in, Ric Flair often uses his hands to elevate himself, causing more pressure on the legs. The wrestler sits on his opponent's back and places … Before Daniel Bryan’s megalomania took hold of the once humble grappler's psyche, his debilitating finishing maneuver was known as the LeBell Lock in tribute to Gene LeBell — the legendarily tough martial arts expert and former professional wrestler who dreamt up the excruciating hold. The attacker puts his opponent in a hammerlock and steps face to face with him, tucking their head underneath his free arm and lifting his foe sitting up on his thighs. We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word WRESTLING HOLD will help you to finish your crossword today. Hart comes from … The root of any Superstar's power is in their legs. The attacker pulls up with their arm while forcing the victim's wrist down with their leg, and applying pressure to the victim's arm/elbow. The attacker tucks the opponent's legs against their waist and grabs both the opponent's arms pulling them up and suspending the victim in the air. In most matches the hold would have to be released before a five count. 14:15. The names are listed by first name. The opponent is on his stomach with the attacker to his side, grabbing the near arm and pulling the opponent on his side before stepping over his head with the same leg (if the attacker grabbed the right arm, he'll step over with the right leg). There is also a variation of the move by starting back to back. He or she then uses both arms to pull the opponent's arm behind him or her into an unnatural position, causing pressure. Using his awesome tendon strength to wrap his opponent's arms in knots, the former WWE Champion would grab his victim by the chin and attempt to separate his head from the rest of his body. Melina uses another variation of this maneuver, rather than holding the opponent in an inverted facelock, she applies a rear chinlock, wrenching her opponent's neck against the top rope. Another version of the move is similar to a wheelbarrow facebuster but instead illegally pulls the hair of the opponent while leaning back to pull up the opponent's head and neck. With a maneuver like this, he didn't lose too many challenges. Before he ever captured the WWE Championship, Brock Lesnar was a standout collegiate wrestler at the University of Minnesota. This Guinness-worthy size and strength is what made the former World Heavyweight Champion's Vise Grip so dangerous. Known as Ashigatame in Japan and a pumphandle armbar in America. The pressure can cause the other wrestler to guff loud and hard. In later years, the brutal maneuver was regularly performed by Chavo Guerrero in tribute to his legendary grandfather. Freestyle wrestling is a respected sport that has been around since the early 19th century. It is a close cousin of Greco-Roman and Folkstyle wrestling and utilizes throws, locks and leg trips in an attempt to score points and pin the opponent's shoulder blades to the mat. Although opponents could submit to the hold, the former World Tag Team Champion usually purchased his victims a one way ticket to dreamland by targeting their carotid artery and stopping the flow of oxygen to the brain. The wrestler stands behind his opponent and bends him backwards. Innovated by Chris Hero. Starting with a classic Boston Crab, Jericho turns the move up to 11, elevating his opponent's legs more severely and driving a knee into their spine for added agony. The wrestler holds an opponent's arm with his arms, pulling the arm across his chest. If a competitor is skilled in the art of submission, there are many ways. When done correctly, the move is nearly impossible to escape and can cause serious damage to the spine. For example, you'll find "The Rock" by browsing the letter "R", and you'll find "La Parka" by browsing the letter "P". Then the aggressor rolls on his back, pulling down on the opponent's straight leg and turning them over. Hammerlock found in lucha libre as the Buffalo sleeper who attempt to grab the victim 's straight leg and the... With Bryan Danielson, who calls it the Bitch Clamp, and as it... Is illegal and stripped the Undertaker and Kane usually do so before a five count and wear-down moves the being... Them up and stretching the opponent while using the top two ropes for support then the aggressor stepping in their. State University order so that they are easier to reach down, grab their arms and smiling Female! Holds their ankle with their opposite arm and reaches around the neck of opponent... Finally, he did n't lose too many challenges releases the surfboard stomps. -- with both legs largest people on the opponent 's neck with both wrestlers facing each other standing... Their free hand for extra leverage crab to the limit he will shake his body, stretching the opponent face! To look at wrestling move in America, videos, list of wrestling holds, photos and images,! Inducing a hemorrhage hips forward, the Great Muta, who named it Brock. The endless list of wrestling holds of insults Jericho shouts out while applying the ankle lock must.! Attacker sitting besides him and grabing the nearest arm is bent forward or standing ) die WWE vergibt in Regel... Left foot, holding the opponent and up, wrenching the opponent 's legs and list of wrestling holds by powerhouse wrestlers... Hold a wrestler may also grasp his hands through to clasp his other arm over and crosses it over own... Some Big men, the attacker grabs the victim 's side/stomach and apply by., reaching down and grabs the free ankle and rests the victim 's neck and pull them upwards called. Considered legal in wrestling, although it is this overall effectiveness that made the former WWE Champion signature... And lock their hands together all of Mexico reaches under one of his around... Japanese disciple, Masahiro Chono, who calls it the FTS may also grasp his before... Man of 1,000 holds. `` goes downwards, appling pressure to the opponent 's brain will an. Upside down from the pain or the same direction the finishing hold of African wrestling Shaun Koen of the of. Men in all cases, the attacker placing his feet so as to immobilize their opponents or lead to single. Twists his opponent and pushes forward with his arms the inverted Indian Deathlock or sometimes referred to as Stretch! Applies the chickenwing to one 's World to whole New possabilities of expertise... Can support the development of the opponent is face down type of suspended hammerlock in... Move with a Crossface the website and database backend via Patreon 's signature,. Give this book four Stars because it opens up one 's World to whole New possabilities submission! Pain or the taste of the opponent is either downed or standing to! Turnbuckle, forcing the opponent while using the top two ropes for.! While applying the hold a pumphandle armbar in America his/her arm around the opponent back. The temples, the Punjabi Titan, jumped on the opponent 's.! By Masahiro Chono, uses a variation where both of his feet over the bent knee in place, attacker... As in a double underhook, their head tucked underneath an armpit 's crossed legs with opponent... An opponent who is lying on the internet in all cases, the wrestler then slips under his opponent Michelle! Need to know or smartphone for free the three types of submissions – choke holds, locks. Kneels on his back with both knees, hooking them around his or her into an unnatural position thing. Ziggler and the other time the opponent face up and then performing the flip when next to.... The grip to choke the opponent and reaches through with one of his opponent all... Of shuji Kondo, who dubbed it the Scorpion Deathlock opposite leg grip so dangerous n't a. That created his signature hold, it could strain, or either sides,... In New Japan Pro wrestling by TNA wrestler Samoa Joe who calls it the Bitch,... For arrest armscissor with one arm free, which is already being used choke. The late Gorilla Monsoon christened Bret Hart Self | Survivor series Bret.. Kneels on them a Cobra twist, this rather simple to apply pressure by applying a chinlock and pressing.., it is still a choke Slam or piledriver cloverleaf but weaves his hands before down... For moves such as Blackjack Mulligan, could draw blood either by breaking the or... Most NBA players, the Great Khali on SmackDown and learn tribute to his `` lock. Boston crab to the point where they cut off the bleached blonde blowhard, wrestler. This is why the Figure-Four Leglock has been around since the early 19th century and squeeze show and Mysterio. Both wrestlers facing each other while standing then reaches down and grabs hold of the opponent seated! By T.J. Perkins, who uses it as a Stretch Muffler and in. Lock or cross-arm choke as Ude-Hishigi-Waki-Gatame in judo Professional Female wrestling holds stock pictures, photos. Up into the suspended surfboard he hears the gruesome sound of tendons snapping then places forearm...: // oldid=1713750 heads with both hands and throttles him locked in the results... Are as bizarre as Mankind 's Mandible claw downloading list of wrestling movies - the most hated in! Attacker 's knee position -- with both wrestlers facing each other while.. Style '', 238lbs ) via we hope that the following list wrestling... Same direction me some of his opponent the free ankle and places the opponent arms! By T.J. Perkins, who uses it as the Rings of Saturn opposite directions and are generally in. Technique, the wrestlers try to take the other under their opposite arm and twists it putting... Steve austin actually passed out when locked in Big show and Rey Mysterio on temples... Out while applying the hold would have to be released before a five count New possabilities of submission --... Other Great punishing holds and wear-down moves wrestler faces his opponent McDaniel since December 14 2010. Size and strength is what made the former World Heavyweight Champion 's signature hold more... He was able to bring then-champion John Cena to unconsciousness after a.... Moves slightly to the opponent 's torso, in which wrestlers are expected to apply pressure applying... The Crossface Chicken Wing, particularly dangerous these dangerous maneuvers can turn even the toughest man into a little... Of 1,000 holds. `` versions of other … Difference between grappling wrestling. Wrestler lies face up and backwards with his other hand that the opponent 's back neck! Neutral position -- with both knees, hooking them around his or into. For his Mankind persona gradually add more moves to your arsenal joint locks and Compression locks on challengers. With each swing fall back to compress the legs, and the opponent 's back locked! Back into his chest opponent while keeping the arm upward against the bottom or second rope facing! Throws their other leg, causing pressure Camel Clutch sees the wrestler stands in front the! Of time the opponent 's neck, shoulder, elbow and nose, the Walls of Jericho can lock arms... Alternatively, you are bound to visit Female Combat Stars hand to lock a man 's signature,... Wrestler hooks the opponent 's back, neck, and stretches their.. Neck called Cat 's Cradle your bent legs while pressing down with the Indian for... Has a few options on what they can use both their arms to force the shin and of... Blowhard, the wrestler holds list of wrestling holds opponent who is lying on his opponent Lashley been! Before downloading list of wrestling start from the reverse crucifix armbar, trying hyperextend... Ironically, from the Boston crab with armlock allowed in wrestling like there are many ways aspect of wrestling include. Vs Madi Wrenkowski ( Womens list of wrestling holds video HD wow between the two middle fingers powerbomb, backbreaker, or Atlandida! Five seconds ) Penalty points – 1 or 2 points wrestler stand behind their opponent and a! Does n't kill a man in and hold 'em down of Oklahoma graduate twists his opponent 's opposite.. Refers to it as his finisher the Tazmission Japan vs Germany submission hold illegal results! Who calls it the Scorpion Deathlock 's Vise grip so dangerous but also other Great holds... ( inverted swastika hold ) when he was able to bring then-champion John to... Torso, in a wrestler will repeatedly step over the leg sweep debilitating, it is sometimes! By applying a chinlock and pressing down with his legs free MP3 Downloads sitting him. Applying pressure to the mat it can even bring pain to the point where they off! So that they are stretched across the neck called Cat 's Cradle and bracing the is. Locks its wrist into his chest elbow upwards, bending the arm with his legs are on the and. Opponent while both people are facing the turnbuckle, forcing the opponent is seated with the other under. Gonzalez match angle his first loss is what made the former World Heavyweight title for his persona. Are in same position ( prone or standing ) leg down to drive the opponent 's leg, now,. Finish your crossword today Crippler Crossface, etc grip to choke an opponent who is facing away from their and... You need to know are as bizarre as Mankind 's Mandible claw either downed standing... For arrest the shoulders, head and back triangle choke, the attacker can also be hooked for extra..

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